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Our Team

Unity is our strength and we at Asclecare together. Asclecare is not a one man army but a collective effort of a dedicated team working tirelessly to fulfil our vision. We have highly educated and experienced staff members that make sure that associates and consumers are not just satisfied but take pride to be a part of Asclecare .

Mr. Himmat Kathat

Finance Head

Mr. Himmat Kathat plays a vital role in providing financial support and strategic guidance to the company. His dedication and contributions have been instrumental in the growth and success of the organization. As a finance head, Mr. Himmat Kathat is deeply committed to fostering the growth and financial sustainability of Mahaguru Ayurveda Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Asclecare Wellness). Through his vision and leadership, he strives to propel the company towards achieving its goals and objectives.

Mr. Lalchand Kumawat

Product Head

Mr. Lalchand is handling the entire product range at Mahaguru Ayurveda Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Asclecare Wellness) who first analyses the market needs and accordingly chooses the product to launch and then closes the deal with the manufacturer. He is responsible for the Product life cycle starting from choosing the ingredients till we get the products in our hands.

Mr. Deependra Singh

Assistant General Manager

Deependra Singh is an integral part of our team, bringing valuable expertise and leadership to the table. With his exceptional skills, Deependra assist in overseeing operations, coordinating with team and ensuring smooth workflow across departments. He possess strong communication and interpersonal abilities, fostering a positive work environment and effective collaboration among team members.

Mr. Manas Sharma

Marketing Head

Manas is an all-rounder in Mahaguru Ayurveda Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Asclecare Wellness) who handles multiple tasks. He is experienced in running Google and Meta ads. He is also trained in uploading content on websites and social media. He has found his niche as Influencer Marketing expert and believes in a win-win situation for the company.

Mr. Vikash Kumawat

Sr. Graphic Designer

Vikash is one of the pioneer employees who is with us since the inception of Mahaguru Ayurveda Pvt Ltd(formerly known as Asclecare Wellness). He is the one who designed the logo and packaging of our initial launched products. He keeps adding value by bringing multiple updates through his graphic designing skills.

Mrs. Suman Sharma

Sr. Graphic Designer

Suman possesses an exceptional talent for discerning the true essence of pictures and videos, allowing our brand to effectively showcase the hidden facets of our products. With her keen eye for detail, she plays a vital role in identifying and emphasizing the unique features that make our products stand out. Suman's proficiency in picture and video editing further enhances their visual appeal, resulting in captivating and impactful content.
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